V for Vendetta

Movie is based on a comic by Alan Moore. Its set in a make belive post apocaliptic world to be more precised London. ...


The movie is about a crew of humans going to a desolate planet in search for origins of man kind ...

The Dark Knight Rises

The third and the last part of Christopher Nolans , Batman trilogy is set 8 years after the even in the The Dark Knight. ...

Well i picked up a new show to watch recently .Its called The Vikings . It is about a legendary norse hero called Ragnar Lodbrok It start as Ragnar is just a simple farmer with his ordinary daily troubles , but soon after a Viking gathering he dissagres with a Lord over the decision where should they raid east or west.

There starts the journey as we follow Ragnar and a group of Vikings on their raiding party's as they pillage western shores.That is as far as it has gotten so far , u can catch up fast and then wait a week for a new fix like the rest of us :) .

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Movie is based on a true story that happened in 1980's Tehran .After a revolution in Iran 6 people managed to escape US embassy that was stormed by a mob of angry Iranians.They fled to Canadian ambassadors home residence where they remained until Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) worked out how to get them out of Tehran. I wont go into further detail , il only say that this movie got an Oscar for Best Picture. So that's a good enough recommendation on it self.

 Based on The Master of Disguise by
                 Antonio J. Mendez
                 The Great Escape by
                 Joshuah Bearman


Ben Affleck
Bryan Cranston
Alan Arkin
John Goodman

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Let me start of by saying i hate remakes.But this one ... this one is an exceptio.

The movie is set in the future . People live in huge building towers . Well there is one called Peach Treas witch is a slum tower. One ruthless drug lord called Madeline Madrigal, also known as "Ma-Ma" is dealing a drug called Slow Mo witch gives u a high and all gives u slow motion vision. Well after one particual murder Dredd is called to judge along with his aprentice girl witch has mind reading powers.I wont go much from here but u can guess that all hell is gonna brake loose once Dredd comes.

All in all it was entertaning watch , give it a go .

Starring :
              Karl Urban
              Olivia Thirlby
              Wood Harris
              Lena Headey

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My god am i couple of years to late ? No matter this is by far one of the better films i seen in a while.Im ashamed to admit that i watched in twice in a day and that iv seen some speeches for the film a dozen times.

Starring:  Hugo Weaving
              Natalie Portman
              Stephen Rea
              John Hurt

Movie is based on a comic by Alan Moore. Its set in a make belive post apocaliptic world to be more precised London. The main character called V (Hugo Weaving) if trying to liberate England from tirany and opression. Movie is well writen and it will keep u glued to your tv for the entire duration.

Hugo played his part amazingly well , u can litteraly see expresions and emotions on the mask when he is acting.He was that good.Natalie had an english accent for the film and it quiet suited her , might i ad she was quiet cute beeing bald.

The mask (Guy Fawkes) he is wearing in the movie is used by alot of groups today when they are trying to express/protest about something - Anonymous group and Occupy movement to name a few.
All in all the movie was refreshing to see and it will be on my top movies list for some time. Enjoy

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First of all im gonna say that this movie is written by the same person who wrote Training Day .
Movie was supposed to be premiered on September 28 but i was moved to 21st.

                 Jake Gyllenhaal
                 Michael Peña
Movie is about 2 police officers who are close friends aswell as coworkers.
After investigating an area they stop a truck  and the drivers ends up drawing a gun but he fail's to shoot the cops and they aprehand him.After searching the truck the find a decorated pistol, a gold plated AK-47, and a large amount of money in his truck. At that time they didnt know the money is connected to a Mexican drug cartel.
With doing that they end up beeing on cartels wanted list.
Oh, did i fail to mention that one of the officers Bryan Taylor ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) is filming the entire time with his small camera as a part of a police project ?!

Il give u a taste of  the movie:


Enjoy the movie if u end up watching it ! Well atleast as much as i did :)

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Skyfall is the upcoming movie in the James Bond serious . It is the 33rd movie of the famous spy.

Skyfall is due to premiere on 23rd this month.

Starring :
Daniel Craig
Javier Bardem
Ralph Fiennes
Naomie Harris
Bérénice Marlohe
Albert Finney
Judi Dench

 After a mission in Istanbul ends badly , Bond is counted as dead/missing , and somehow the identities of ever M6 agents are revealed on the internet.Bond will eventually reappear when the service gets attacked.
M will have to find Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) a criminal  and Bonds mission will decided upon his information.

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This time il review a older movie from 2009 called Law Abiding Citizen . Even though this movie is not rated highly , i must say i quiet enjoyed this little movie flick.
Beeing Foxx's and Butler's fan it didnt take me much to watch the movie.

Starring : Jamie Foxx
                Gerard Butler
                Bruce McGill
                Colm Meaney
                Leslie Bibb
                Michael Irby
                Regina Hall



One ordinary night Clyde Sheltons family gets brutaly killed and raped while he was left to watch and bleed out to death.Witch ofcourse didnt happen , and he lived to testify in the court to convict those fellons.Yet bcoz of the poor judiscial system one of them got the away (the one most responisble) and the scape goat got sentenced to death. Here comes Clyde on to the stage ,without going into much details so i wouldnt spoil the movie , he will do his utmost to correct the system while punishing those guilty so he would ensure these things never happen again. Nick Rice (Foxx) will try to stop Sheltons intentions and stop the anarchy that ensued !

Quiet a fun and interesting movie . Worth a watching !

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Starring :
Noomi Rapace
Michael Fassbender
Guy Pearce
Idris Elba
Logan Marshall-Green
Charlize Theron
 What can i say im a sucker for good plots and story's , even though the script and part of the cast werent up for the job. This is supposed to be the prequel to the original Alien (1979) movie and as there Ridley Scott takes up the bat to direct the movie.

Let me just say , i know i wrote that acting was bad BUT Rapaca and Fassbender were really good . CGI and the directing were great. The story had so much potential but in my opinion it was badly writen and poorly casted ...

The movie is about a crew of humans going to a desolate planet in search for origins of man kind. They stumble upon artificial mound and they start exploring it...when they find something un expected. Without going into further details if they work on the writing the story a bit better we can have a good sequel of this movie that could link us directly to the Alien franchise ! . Give this movie a shot , if for nothing the for the very stuning visual details.

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Having watched the first movie i dont know what on earth possesed me to watch its sequel. By far the worst movie i seen this year.

U might wonder why i watched it since i hated the first one .. and il tell u. I watched it becouse i loved the original movie (1981) from witch these abominations of films spun off , and i had hope that people in charge KNEW their first fill was uter peace of s..t.That might sound harsh but its the truth. Im still quiet amazed how they even landed actors like Fiennes and Neeson . Even those lets call them ''titans'' of movies werent able make this film watchable , and i salute them for even participating in this endevour.

The story was badly writen , it was so confusing at times , the dialogues were bad , most of the times actors didnt get to act since there was so much of cgi and special effects.The climax and the ending were dissapointing aswell.I seriously could go on and on , but this film does not deserve my time spent on writing a review on this peace of art ..

End of rant , wall of text ,whining , etc etc

I cant be the only one that feels this way right ?

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Ok so im gonna do a review on a type of films i dislike the most ... REMAKES , they are always the same in the way they  dissapoint in the end since everyone rememmbers the good old film it was based on .

Unlike the 1990's film in this movie we wont be seeing Mars.Here the main characther Douglas Quaid (played by Colin Farrell) seeking for a perfect vacation decided's for a mind trip with Rekall company. His procedure goes very wrong with Quaid beeing on the run from the police who are controlled by Cohaagen the films main antagonist.He then teams up with the rebel fighter ( played by Jessica Biel)  to find  the head of the free world rebels    
and put a stop to Cohaagen.

Oh did i mention that his wife is played by Kate Beckinsale ... hawt 

PG-132 hr. 1 min.
Action & Adventure Science Fiction & Fantasy
 Len Wiseman
 Kurt Wimmer

StarringColin Farrell
Kate Beckinsale
Jessica Biel
Bryan Cranston
John Cho
Bill Nighy

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