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Ok i found this post on a bb forum and i though it would make a nice change from these motivational blogs, but in a way LOLZ are a motivation in it self.

So tell me people are u a gym retard ?!

If any of the following applys to you, you are officially a gym idiot.

1. If Your weekly workout routine reads as follows you are officially a gym idiot.

Monday:Chest and Biceps
Tuesday: Chest and Biceps
Wednesday: Chest and Biceps
Thursday: Chest and Biceps
Friday: Chest and Biceps
Saturday: Chest and Biceps

2. If you use the follwing set/rep scheme on any exercise you are officially a gym idiot. For example....

Barbell Curl 50 x 125

3. If you bench 300 pounds on a vertical bench machine and walk around like that's more impressive than the guy benching 230 pounds of free weights you are officially a gym idiot.

4. If you consider 45 minutes of cardio before your weight training session a warm up you are offically a gym idiot.

5. If you go to McDonalds and order a big mac with a medium diet coke and insist you are still cutting you are officially a gym idiot.

6. If you train, lets say chest on monday and triceps on tuesday, you are officially a gym idiot.

7. If you have ever uttered the phrase "I'm going to cut 40 pounds of bodyweight while increasing my muscle mass, you are officially a gym idiot.

8. If you believe that creatine is a steroid, you are offically a gym idiot.

9. If you believe that endless sets of crunches will get you a six pack you are officially a gym idiot.

10. If you squat 450 with the worst form known to man, you are offically a gym idiot.

There are many more examples of what constitutes a gym idiot, but these ten signs are a starting point. 

Reply in the comments and lets have a laugh x)

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If u need some motivation u are on the right place.

Power, respect, admiration of many and some appeal from girls, thats what you get with a great physique. Someone with a strong physiqe projects diligence without even saying a word, attention from both males and females, respect from males, sex from females, admiration from family and friends, and of course you have the haters as well. You begin to inspire others, you begin to become the embodiment of an alpha male. Strong and powerful and aesthetically pleasing. All eyes on you, all attention on you, and you have the power of influence and persuasion over people, all because they find you powerful and inspirational. You will never know the feeling unless if you develop the body, but the feeling is great, and your self worth goes sky rocket. Combine that with a good personality, a bit of charisma and you will be purely unstoppable. What you do with it, is up to you.

 There's going to be people who won't support you, who'll try to convince you to binge drink out on a friday night or share half a pizza with them and to stop being so 'boring', and yes, it's hard to resist and have enough will power to say no, sometimes its a lonely road when you feel isolated in that manner, but that's what seperates you from them. You should still have a social life and enjoy yourself, have treats here and there, but don't feel forced into anything you don't want to do.

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Imagine this:

In the same room you've been to for the last few years you can remember, working out with the same dumbells.

The cold, relentless iron talks to you.
It tells you what you're really capable of, when your grandmother calls you an OX because you helped carry her new wardrobe in, or your friends call you the wrist snapper when it comes to arm wrestling..
Only the iron will tell you how strong you are.

Doesn't matter what dumbells you're using, what rack you're using or what bar..
All that matters is what the Animal inside you tells you to do.

The human says to add another 5kg..
The animal tells you to add 7.5kg

You add the 7.5kg, and suddenly you feel that inner animal tearing away, trying to escape, trying to become visible, it's like a transformation, from man to animal, it begs you to keep fighting through that burn, the pain keeps it tearing away at you inside, until it can go no more, and stops. This is when you drop that bar, and your muscles send overwhelming pain signals to your brain.
You bested the human, you became the animal, you curled/squatted/deadlifted/benched 2.5kg more than what the human inside could have done.

The animal inside you rests.

During the weak, after it's mighty battle from yesterday, it is wounded.. Broken, but slowly and surely it repairs itself, stronger and bigger than ever.
You walk back into that room, grip that same bar.
The animal tells you to add another 10kg.

It begins all over again.

Doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, whether you're black, white, asian or whatever.. The iron won't think any less of you, it will guide your path to becoming a beast, first by waking up the animal inside, and beckoning to tear it's way out.

Don't stop because it's starting to hurt, keep going till you can't do anymore, battle the pain, keep the animal inside you fighting as much as you can, never stop believing in yourself, there's an animal in us all, most of us just haven't acknowledged that or woken it yet, never give up, the iron is your friend, but also your enemy, imagine when you're benching? It's your worst enemy, it's trying to crush your chest, so you push it away, the animal inside you however, tells you it wants some more, so you bring the bar back down for round 2, then round 3 and so forth.

Don't let anyone say you can't do it, if they do, prove them wrong. If you can't bench that 100kg, work towards it, it will be you who feels better than the guy who said you couldn't bench it, those who mock someone because they can't do something means they can't do it either.

Believe in yourself.
Never give up.

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