V for Vendetta

Movie is based on a comic by Alan Moore. Its set in a make belive post apocaliptic world to be more precised London. ...


The movie is about a crew of humans going to a desolate planet in search for origins of man kind ...

The Dark Knight Rises

The third and the last part of Christopher Nolans , Batman trilogy is set 8 years after the even in the The Dark Knight. ...

If u need some motivation u are on the right place.

Power, respect, admiration of many and some appeal from girls, thats what you get with a great physique. Someone with a strong physiqe projects diligence without even saying a word, attention from both males and females, respect from males, sex from females, admiration from family and friends, and of course you have the haters as well. You begin to inspire others, you begin to become the embodiment of an alpha male. Strong and powerful and aesthetically pleasing. All eyes on you, all attention on you, and you have the power of influence and persuasion over people, all because they find you powerful and inspirational. You will never know the feeling unless if you develop the body, but the feeling is great, and your self worth goes sky rocket. Combine that with a good personality, a bit of charisma and you will be purely unstoppable. What you do with it, is up to you.

 There's going to be people who won't support you, who'll try to convince you to binge drink out on a friday night or share half a pizza with them and to stop being so 'boring', and yes, it's hard to resist and have enough will power to say no, sometimes its a lonely road when you feel isolated in that manner, but that's what seperates you from them. You should still have a social life and enjoy yourself, have treats here and there, but don't feel forced into anything you don't want to do.

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  1. Scant says:

    hmmm gym time, wonder how long it takes to look like these guys

  2. Swarmster says:

    motivation is key, good point

  3. Slumph says:

    alot of these guys are ott :P

  4. that's something I definitely have to try!

  5. Good blog so far, keep the motivation and fit flowing.

  6. sounds like a powerful weapon in the making. the pics are gay though. overall keep up the good work bro

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