V for Vendetta

Movie is based on a comic by Alan Moore. Its set in a make belive post apocaliptic world to be more precised London. ...


The movie is about a crew of humans going to a desolate planet in search for origins of man kind ...

The Dark Knight Rises

The third and the last part of Christopher Nolans , Batman trilogy is set 8 years after the even in the The Dark Knight. ...

Ok after i been away from quite some time im back to blogging.

Im coming back with the mother of all motivational series for bodybuilders. Spartacus - Blood and Sand and its prequel Gods of the Arena.In one word it has all u will ever need violance , nudity , and sredded gladiators.Watching it is worth every single minute of it , fuark PWO energy drinks just watch this and u will be settled.For the unaware ones il post some trailers so be sure too check it out.

The picture is of the prequel and the trailer is from Blood and Sand. Trust me they dont the justice to the show.Now GTFO and watch it, oh yeah and tune in tomorrow ;)

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  1. They're both fucking great. I prefer Blood & Sand, but Gods of the Arena is almost as good in my opinion

  2. Seems like uncompelling TV, though. I'm down with visual gratification and all, but at least give us some substance. I'd recommend Dexter if you dig sex & violence, and want something that isn't mindless.

  3. Killerko says:

    looks good.. i like it

  4. Ian497 says:

    looks epic I must say!

  5. i loved spartacus! great series

  6. Don't watch this show that much, but wish I had that muscle definition.

  7. Oscar says:

    I love Spartacus.

  8. Great images you show man

  9. Wilco says:

    thanks for all the pics following

  10. Enough! I need more doctore's moments *_*

  11. husar says:

    good blog, nice post, good luck

    + follower:)

  12. 1StopBlog says:

    I just started to get into this show.. I like it!!!

  13. I dunno about this one, it just seems uncapturing

  14. Their body makes me want to work out haha

  15. pv says:

    oh heck yea i love this show

  16. JUju says:

    Oh god cant wait for the new season!!

  17. bwable says:

    been thinking about watching this for a while. Defs gonna now dude :)

  18. Moob says:

    been meaning to watch this

  19. great post. following you

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