V for Vendetta

Movie is based on a comic by Alan Moore. Its set in a make belive post apocaliptic world to be more precised London. ...


The movie is about a crew of humans going to a desolate planet in search for origins of man kind ...

The Dark Knight Rises

The third and the last part of Christopher Nolans , Batman trilogy is set 8 years after the even in the The Dark Knight. ...

MOSCOW -- Russian investigative bodies have sent President Dmitry Medvedev their preliminary report on election irregularities during the recent campaign and voting.
Dmitry Medvedev (file)

They compiled a total of 2,091 instances of violations of election regulations, a majority in Moscow - 462.
Most complaints regarding election irregularities were submitted by the Just Russia and the Communist Party of Russia.

It has also been announced in Moscow that 53 criminal complaints were filed, and that investigators are looking into nine cases of election results forgery, five cases of ballot box stuffing, and five voter bribery reports.

The United Russia party won the elections held earlier this month taking 49 percent of the votes, but opposition parties accused the authorities of election fraud.

Opposition observers said that they saw many instances of breaches of election procedures, and posted videos on the internet.

Medvedev and Central Election Committee President Vladimir Churov, however, expressed their doubt about the authenticity of the video material made public in this way.

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