V for Vendetta

Movie is based on a comic by Alan Moore. Its set in a make belive post apocaliptic world to be more precised London. ...


The movie is about a crew of humans going to a desolate planet in search for origins of man kind ...

The Dark Knight Rises

The third and the last part of Christopher Nolans , Batman trilogy is set 8 years after the even in the The Dark Knight. ...

North Korean televesion showed the dead body of Kim Jong Il just when the highest delegation of north korean goverment  came to visit along with his son and heir Kim Jong Un

Most of his body is cover with red silk and surrounded with red flowers , funeral will be held 28 of this month.

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  1. I hope they don't bury him in an Indian burial ground. Don't want to go down that road Scott.

  2. Pat Hatt says:

    Funny how they make the guy out to be such a saint.

  3. I wonder if they will inter him like the Soviet Union did to Lenin

  4. Anonymous says:

    Now let's wait for him to become a zombie.

  5. Forever remembered.
    Keep blogging:)

  6. I prefer being buried when my time comes.

  7. A glass coffin is very poetic.

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