V for Vendetta

Movie is based on a comic by Alan Moore. Its set in a make belive post apocaliptic world to be more precised London. ...


The movie is about a crew of humans going to a desolate planet in search for origins of man kind ...

The Dark Knight Rises

The third and the last part of Christopher Nolans , Batman trilogy is set 8 years after the even in the The Dark Knight. ...

MOSCOW -- Russian police broke up opposition demonstrations in front of the State Duma as PM Vladimir Putin was submitting his report on the work of the government.

Organizers of the "For Fair Elections" campaign, who protested after parliamentary and presidential elections, today intended to hold hands and form a "white ring" around the Duma building.
However, police arrested leader of the Left Front Sergei Udaltsov and five others, organizers said.

All access to the Duma building was blocked in the early morning, with security letting through only parliament members, officials and accredited journalists.

Putin today told the Duma that he ready to cooperate with the opposition and called for an end to political conflict.

The prime minister is due to take over as the country's president in early May.

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